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Choosing a staircase: a decision that will stand for years

Choosing a staircase: a decision that will stand for years

While rooms are renovated quite often and decisions are influenced by trends that change from year to year, there is one permanent element in homes that remains the same – it is a staircase.

The choice of materials is very large

While the shape of the stairs is generally determined by the possibilities and the planning between the floors, the choice of material is still greater. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular choices is wood, which is suitable for almost any interior, it can be painted if you want to change its look, and it is also the most affordable. However, wood is not an eternal material and it wears out the fastest.

Another popular material for stairs is glass. This modern material adds a lot of luxury to the interior, but on the practical side, the glass staircase is quite shattering and difficult to clean. Especially if there are little fingers in the family that tend to touch everything.

Stairs are also made of metal, and a metal staircase is a good choice if there is little space. For example, metal stairs are often seen as spiral staircases, but keep it mind, its not the most family friendly solution.

Concrete, which is seldom found in apartment buildings, is also a popular choice. Concrete is an admirable material that can be shaped as desired and is very durable, but its appearance is a bit visually dull.

Timeless natural stone staircase

Stone is also used to build the stairs, mainly marble, limestone and granite. Marble adds timeless luxury to any home, and any natural stone staircase will probably delight future generations. The stone steps perfectly withstand everything that a staircase can endure and stone staircase can be an eye-catching interior design element in harmony with the kitchen level and window sills.

Terrazzo Calacatta

Look for possibilities!

One of the most important plus points for natural stone is that the stone does not wear out or need special care, only ordinary sweeping and washing are enough.
If there are younger people in the family who love to run down the stairs, the natural stone is quieter than the tiled surfaces and the noise of running steps does not disturb other family members. Squeaking stairs can also be forgotten in the case of natural stone.

From a security point of view, natural stone is fireproof. In case of an emergency the stairs are almost the only escape path between the floors.

Natural stone has always been used in the construction of stairs and this trend continues. A choice of natural stones can be found by both the admirer of timeless classics and the owner of a more modern interior, and in the case of natural stone, you can choose from many different patterns or create exciting combinations.

Exciting natural tones

One of the most striking colors that attracts attention in a room with light walls is green. Verde Guatemala marble and Verde Savana granite are a bold choice of stairs, reminiscent of a green forest and a greenish-blue sea. Deeper dark pearls are provided by Emerald Pearl granite, with beautiful spots from greenish-golden to blue, which give the stone depth. However, Verde Bahia is crossed by lighter green and almost yellow lines on a green background.
Balmoral Red offers reddish tones and a more classic-looking pattern.

Black as night or steel gray granite staircase

Stairs, window sills and fireplace facades made of Nero Assoluto night black granite give a particularly luxurious impression. Black granite goes very well with minimalist and modern interiors and creates an exciting accent with any furniture and interior style. Also Blue Pearl, Steel Grey – gray granites – continue to be in demand. The gray granite staircase is particularly well-suited for industrial-style high-ceilinged studio apartments, which draw inspiration from warehouse and factory buildings and are dominated by unfinished concrete and brick walls.

Limestone staircase

Marble and granite have been known materials for millennia, but in smaller rooms, the staircase made of white marble Bianco Carrara C can be a little too pretentious. Here, limestones Jura Grey and Dietfurt Grey are good alternatives. The pattern of which has been formed under the influence of natural forces is beautiful, but also somewhat more modest than marble.

As a rule, ordering a staircase is quite expensive, it is important to pick up right material in your home the first time you choose it. This decision will be with you for many years or even decades. Look at the stone materials, calculate the price of the stone details and ask for an offer!