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Everyone are delighted by a beautiful home!

Everyone are delighted by a beautiful home!

Home renovation can be a time-consuming process and stone worktops are among the latest elements of home decoration. Despite this, one can not always see this brilliant end result, which we are working on with our customers – there are still details missing, places in need of paint or ceramic tile, silicone or something else entirely. Even if the countertop, backsplash, sink and mixer are in place, the picture is not complete.

That’s why we are especially happy if a message with some photos of a finished kitchen arrives through an e-mail message, or when happy customer posts photos to our Facebook page. It’s really good to see the perfectly finished kitchens, bathrooms or fireplaces. Even though we are accustomed of using simple stone slabs on a daily basis, the photos prove that with our creative clients we have done something beautiful and unique.

Sometimes the kitchen area has been captured by the level of the professional photographer, and the harmony between stone surface, pattern of the granite and modern kitchen equipment are all caught in one frame.

Polished Viscount White countertop is well suited for both stainless steel and aluminum, and meant for both black or light shades. Trendy, but also timeless, personalized and comfortable, but not necessarily exorbitant – such is the modern kitchen. The overall impression is calm, perhaps even minimalistic, but thoughtful and functional about details.

The customers who choose natural stone worktop end up with more stylish than average kitchen and we are delighted to be able to offer tailor-made kitchens to their demanding taste. Each work, stone, and order is different and made possible for even difficult personal wishes through which we have gained our experience. Synergy will arise from cooperation, with the special wishes the professionalism of the craftsmen will increase even further, and so we reach to the end result which we can be proud of. It is the kind of kitchen and home that meets the needs of the family, but is also so unique in its beauty that it can awaken the admiration and enthusiasm of friends.

Look for possibilities!

We thank our customers for the good words, the trust and the incredible images!

The best and most beautiful solutions – granite, marble and quartz worktops, fireplaces, tables and window sills are worth to share with everyone!

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If the product range shows the price per square meter of stone, why is the price of a 1x1m tabletop more expensive in the calculator?

The price per square meter is only a part of the total cost of a stone worktop. To get a square meter tabletop, one needs to make at least 2, but often even 4 cuts (saw – 2000-4000 mm), and all visible edges require edging (profile – 4000 mm). The calculator also adds VAT and transport costs to the total and these also affect the price. On the other hand, the price of a garden table, flower shelf, postament or fireplace mantel may be lower than in the calculator – with discount scrap material (-50%), the cost of a stone slab can be very favourable.

Can I also order smaller slabs of stone? For example, for a bathroom, window sills, tabletops etc?

We ALWAYS have discounted stone slabs, the side length of which is less than 600mm. At the same time, it has to be considered that the price of cutting and edging, as well as transport fees will still be added to the price of the material when ordering smaller stone products.


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