The offers on this page are the leftovers in our warehouse, the desired product may already be sold.
Prices shown (without VAT) are only for the piece of material – if any processing is required (cutting, polishing etc) it will be an extra cost.

P – polished
H – honed
B – brushed
F – flamed

Material Width mmSize mmPrice £
AZUL BATEIGEH201700 x 380 mm50
AZUL VALVERDEP301570 x 570 mm87
AZUL VALVERDEP301350 x 490 mm64
DIETFURT GREYH301020 x 600 mm56
DIETFURT GREYH302780 x 600 mm153
DIETFURT GREYH302200 x 480 mm97
DIETFURT GREYH302450 x 600 mm135
DIETFURT GREYH301630 x 600 mm89
DIETFURT GREYH301100 x 560 mm56
JURA GREYP201450 x 450 mm48
JURA GREYP201600 x 370 mm44
JURA GREYP301400 x 560 mm72
JURA GREYP301570 x 530 mm76
JURA GREYP301740 x 450 mm72
JURA GREYP301540 x 540 mm76
JURA GREYP302640 x 390 mm94
JURA GREYP302140 x 500 mm98
JURA GREYP302700 x 480 mm119
JURA GREYP301360 x 550 mm68
THALA GREYP202720 x 400 mm138