The offers on this page are the leftovers in our warehouse, the desired product may already be sold.
Prices shown (without VAT) are only for the piece of material – if any processing is required (cutting, polishing etc) it will be an extra cost.

P – polished
H – honed
B – brushed
F – flamed

Material Width mmSize mmPrice £
CALACATTAP301640 x 550 mm105
CALACATTAP301670 x 530 mm103
CALACATTAP302180 x 390 mm99
CALACATTAP303030 x 580 mm204
CALACATTAP303030 x 570 mm200
CALACATTAP303040 x 570 mm201
CALACATTAP302222 x 600 mm155
CALACATTAH203050 x 400 mm113
CARRARA 0/25P302040 x 570 mm135
FIOR DI PESCOH303040 x 600 mm212
FIOR DI PESCOH303040 x 600 mm212
FIOR DI PESCOH302270 x 480 mm126
FIOR DI PESCOP301900 x 580 mm128
FIOR DI PESCOH301770 x 530 mm109
GV 0/25H301200 x 450 mm63
PERLATO ROYALH202580 x 300 mm72
PERLATO ROYALP201820 x 370 mm63
PERLATO ROYALP302450 x 400 mm114
PERLATO ROYALP302820 x 480 mm157
PERLATO ROYALP303030 x 600 mm211
PERLATO ROYALP301720 x 590 mm118
PERLATO ROYALP303030 x 570 mm200
PERLATO ROYALP302300 x 580 mm155
PERLATO ROYALP302200 x 500 mm128
PERLATO ROYALP301040 x 590 mm71
PERLATO ROYALH202710 x 340 mm86
PERLATO ROYALH303030 x 560 mm197