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Residente Dark

Residente Dark is composite stone or engineered stone. This type of stone has many advantages, such as toughness, durability and the lack of pores that could absorb any substances.

In the Trend collection structural finish is called the Terra finish (which resembles brushed/leathery stone), and you can see it on the Ambiente Light, Decore Ocra and Residente Dark stones.
Available in standard selection from our warehouse:
Brushed-B; 20 mm and 30mm.

  • Water absorption: 0 (waterproof)
  • Weight: 75 kg/m² (30mm)
  • Material: Quartz worktops
  • Color: Dark-colored, Variegated
  • Thickness: 30 mm, 20 mm
  • Price: 465£/m2